Episode 22 - Talila Lewis and Disability Justice

Marion talks to disability justice activist Talila A. Lewis about the often erased or ignored intersections of disability and other marginalized identities. They also talk about the myth of productivity as a value, and a deeper form of reparations. Click here to listen, or find the mp3 below!

Transcript available here, and find more about Talila's work here.

Episode 19 - Fyre Fest: White Privilege and Modern Colonialism

Brian & Marion are back with an emergency episode about Fyre Festival and what we’ve all learned from the Hulu and Netflix documentaries. Of course that means getting into the history of the Bahamas and breaking down how Billy McFarland ain’t nothin new. Marion also coins a new phrase despite Brian’s insistence that another version of it already exists, and Brian pronounces the word “Bahamian” correctly exactly once. #Millennials, amirite? Click here to listen, and click below for the mp3!