Episode 11 - All Your Faves are Problematic

Brian & Marion open up about their personal problematic faves vs. the people who have landed on their ‘cancelled’ lists, and what makes it difficult to let a fave go. They also investigate who’s allowed to have second chances (hint: it’s usually rich white people) and how deeply embedded power dynamics make it hard to hold those people accountable for the harm they’ve caused. EVERYTHING IS LOVE gets sneaked in there too. Click here to listen.

Episode 10 - We're Brown, We're Queer, We're...Not Here?

Brian & Marion talk about the falling rate of LGBTQ representation on the big screen, and how important it is to see honest, relatable portrayals of queer Black and brown people in media, especially in a political climate that criminalizes every single one of those adjectives. Sadly, Marion is forced to call out her longtime fave Donald Glover for participating in one of today's hottest trends, "Word of Gay." Happy Pride Month! Click here to listen.

Episode 9 - Language and White Supremacy

Brian & Marion talk "the n-word," free speech, and how language can be used as a weapon to protect white supremacy. They also talk to policy analyst and immigrant rights advocate Victoria Crouse about the renewed interest in making English the official language, and what the actual fallout from legislation like that could be. Click here to listen!

Episode 8 - Donald Glover, Beyonce, and the New Black Renaissance

Brian & Marion dive into the 21st-century Black Renaissance we're blessed to be living in, covering everything from "This Is America" to Beychella to DAMN. Then they throw back to the originator - the Harlem Renaissance - and read each other quotes by Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Alain Locke. Click here to listen!

Episode 7 - Janelle Jones and White Progressive Myths

Brian & Marion talk to economics expert Janelle Jones about the meaning of equity and how we actually achieve it. Surprise - reparations come up. Janelle also gives us some real talk about how white progressives continue to uphold white supremacy by being unwilling to accept the whole truth about racism in America. Click here to listen!

Episode 1 - Black Panther: How policy and culture created Wakanda

Brian & Marion dive into the most important movie of the 21st century, Black Panther. They discuss cultural influences and impact, the importance of nuanced and human portrayals of Africans in the media, the historical context that Black Panther draws upon, and how this movie fits into our current political climate. They also completely forget to discuss their own professional and personal backgrounds - presumably, that's for Episode 2. Click here to listen!