Episode 23 - The Reparations Episode

Brian & Marion finally dedicate a whole episode to reparations. They talk historical context, cultural opposition, and how reparations has gone from a throwaway to a presidential litmus test in ten years. They also discuss how each presidential candidate so far has answered the reparations question; and discover that right now, Marion doesn’t particularly care for any presidential candidates or perennial almost-candidate Joe Biden. Click here for the episode, or find the mp3 below!

Episode 22 - Talila Lewis and Disability Justice

Marion talks to disability justice activist Talila A. Lewis about the often erased or ignored intersections of disability and other marginalized identities. They also talk about the myth of productivity as a value, and a deeper form of reparations. Click here to listen, or find the mp3 below!

Transcript available here, and find more about Talila's work here.

Episode 13 - Self-Made in America: The Bootstraps Myth

Brian & Marion break down the myth of the self-made billionaire and how it's tied up in racism, sexism, and capitalism. They also get into why the myth is still so comforting to so many of us, despite the fact that we will never be wealthy. Finally, tax policy expert Misha Hill stops by the studio to drop some knowledge on exactly how our economic and fiscal systems are set up to prevent any kind of self-made wealth, and to share how she wants her reparations. Click here to listen, and click below for the mp3!