Episode 16 - Environmental Racism: When The Storm Hits

Brian & Marion talk Hurricane Florence...and Matthew, and Maria, and Katrina, and how the narrative when hurricanes hit predominantly Black and brown communities is always the same. They then talk to activist and community organizer Omisade Burney-Scott about her time in her hometown of New Bern, NC after Florence hit. Finally, 1.5 rants from Marion round out the episode. Click here to listen!, and click below for the mp3!

Episode 8 - Donald Glover, Beyonce, and the New Black Renaissance

Brian & Marion dive into the 21st-century Black Renaissance we're blessed to be living in, covering everything from "This Is America" to Beychella to DAMN. Then they throw back to the originator - the Harlem Renaissance - and read each other quotes by Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Alain Locke. Click here to listen!