Episode 18 - Dr. Jessica Barron and Surviving White Spaces [LIVE Crossover with Black Future Manifest(o)]

For their first crossover episode, Brian & Marion are joined by Micah and Mariah of Black Future Manifest[o] in front of a live audience! Together they talk to the brilliant Dr. Jessica Barron, author of The Urban Church Imagined, about her research on people of color in white spaces that want to use them to appear progressive and multiracial. Click here to listen, and find the mp3 below!

On Black Future Manifest[o], Micah Gilmer and Mariah M. talk to leaders and community members working against racism, patriarchy, and capitalist exploitation to not only imagine but create a better future for ALL Black people. Follow them at @blackfuturepod!

This episode was recorded at The Vault in Durham, North Carolina.